It is by creating art that I encounter the unequivocal opportunity to express my spirituality.
The infinity of possibilities that form and colour offer grant me a language by which my spirit expresses itself. As I create my hand takes control over the blank canvas and expresses my soul as if my intellect was not present.  In my work I seek visual harmony and pleasure.
To the observer’s eye, I invite the opportunity to cuddle in my abstraction his imagination and pleasantly rest his sight as if in a contemplative state.

My motivation springs from organic forms that exist inconspicuously in our environment; the playful games that one encounters in negative and positive space and the joy that colour bring to geometrical/abstract form.
Among the mediums I utilize are watercolours, where I find an array of trans-lucid colours to complement the form.
In oil paint I find saturation and texture that enriches the flow of form and etchings where the bi-directional space (negative and positive) is complemented by texture and colour or lack thereof.

Among the significant influences of my work, I feel deeply rooted to my in-depth study of indigenous symbolism especially of the Mayan culture as well as careful observation and respect for masters of abstract painting.